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What is Lingo ?

Lingo is an agency that will introduce you to potential students who want to study Conversational English. Just visit our website to quickly register. Lingo has many private lessons available right way. Lingo provides foreigners in Ibaraki a great employment opportunity, while at the same time gives students of all ages a chance to learn conversational English with a native speaker. English is an important international language. Depending on the students, teachers can tailor the English lesson to Best for their needs. Our goal is to provide our students with enjoyable conversation based English lessons.


  • Flexible hours, Part time employment
  • A great way to find students.
  • Teacher private lessons, from 1 hour a week.
  • You choose the time and location.
  • Receive payment immediately after the lesson.
  • Free Registration.
  • Free Japanese lessons


Step 1

Lingo matches students and teachers to find the best possible match. (Schedule, place, requirement, etc.)

Step 2

We will keep you informed via email.

Step 3

Free trial lesson for 30 min. A Japanese staff member will be present. (Please prepare for free trial lesson)

Step 4

In a few days, we will inform you of the trial lesson result.

Step 5

And then, start lesson for 60min


1 student 3,000yen / 60min
2 students 4,000yen / 60min
3 students 4,800yen / 60min

(You will receive payment directly after each lesson.)


Teacher Registration From


The inquiry is Or, to telephone 029-259-7890

To teachers >> LOGIN
The document etc. can be downloaded. (The password is necessary. )